London Profile

London has the world’s largest financial services sector, supported by a booming tech sector. The ecosystem has the “Fin” of New York, the “Tech” of the US West Coast and the policymakers of Washington, all within a 15 minute journey on public transport. These factors make London one of the greatest connected global cities in the world with the key ingredients for digital success: capital, talent, regulatory and government support and demographic diversity.

  • Mobile
  • Algorithms
  • Web access
  • Connectivity
  • Banking-as-a-service
  • Capital markets
  • Neo bank
  • Retail banking
  • Foreign exchange
  • Wealth Management
  • High cost of living
  • High cost of office space
  • High cost of labour

Worldpay raised an IPO in 2015 becoming the largest UK FinTech IPO to date and became the largest tech IPO of 2015. This demonstrated that the UK is not only a great place to start a FinTech business, but that the UK has all the resources to help companies to scale, be successful and achieve a world-class exit.