Paris Profile

France has comprehensive regulations with respect to FinTech, with clearly defined rules for companies looking to scale up. FinTech has strong governmental and ministerial support. Moreover, Paris is home to a high concentration of financial institutions and asset managers. There is strong infrastructure established in payments, insurance and telecoms with large pools of talent available.

  • Data analytics
  • Digital identity
  • Cloud computing
  • APIs
  • Banking-as-a-service
  • Insurance
  • E-commerce
  • Cyber security
  • Robo advisors
  • Fraud detection and mitigation
  • Payments
  • Limited exit opportunities
  • Risk-averse culture
  • Fiscal uncertainty

In less than three years since its launch HiPay has reached 2bn Euros of transactions processed. The company has global coverage, with 60% of its activity outside its domestic market. It is the only FinTech in France to be publicly listed on the market. Leetchi has become a key payment player in Europe in just a few years. Recently the most digital French bank, Crédit Mutuel Arkea, invested €50m in Leetchi to take 86% of the capital. The founding team is still fully in charge of leading the development of the company. A true example of co-opetition between a bank and a FinTech.