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Government grants can really help to fast-track business growth. The Australian government offers a wide range of generous grants and incentive schemes designed to drive growth and innovation, across many industries.

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We are experienced in preparing successful grant applications across a number of business grant types. We provide expertise in understanding and navigating the government grant process, providing maximum returns and the highest chance of success for our clients. We work with you and can assist with each step of the application process.

We have secured financial assistance grants and rebates for hundreds of Australian businesses across many industries, primarily working with innovative and export businesses in the key areas of research & development, commercialisation, and export.

We can assist your Australian business to find and secure government grants.

  1. Export Market Development Grant
  2. Accelerating Commercialisation
  3. R&D Tax Incentive

There are hundreds of tax grants and rebates available for Australian businesses and applying for government grants can be a complex and time-consuming process. Working with Greenwich & Co will enable you to gain access to the grants you are entitled to with minimum risk and effort.

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